Provisional Allotment - Informations

Tentative cost of the module at the rate of Rs.6,630 /- per sq.ft. (On receipt of Government of India grant, Cost of the module will be reduced by Rs.800/sq.ft[Approximately])
On receipt of provisional allotment order, Allottees are requested to pay 5% of the industrial module cost within 30 days from the date of receipt of the allotment order.

If the 1st installment is not paid within 30 days, the Provisional Allotment order will be cancelled without any further intimation and the module will be taken to vacancy for further allotment.
The module cost shall be paid in quarterly installments as detailed below.

Sl.No Year Installment & Quarter Percentage of the Module Cost Due Date on or before
1 2020-21 1st Installment Initial Payment 5 % Within 30 Days from the receipt of Provisional Allotment Order
2nd Installment (February to March) 5 % 10th of April 2021
2 2021-22 3rd (April to June) 15 % 10th of July 2021
4th (July to September) 10 % 10th of October 2021
5th (July to September) 15 % 10th of January 2022
6th (January to March) 15 % 10th of April 2022
3 2022-23 7th (April to June) 15 % 10th of July 2022
8th(July to September) 15 % 10thof October 2022
9th At the time of handing over 5 % 10th of January 2023

Belated payment installment amount will be charged at 13% interest for the defaulted period from the expiry of 10th day of the succeeding quarter.
Final Allotment order will be issued to the allottee on the receipt of 100% payment and completion of the project. Project will be completed tentatively in December 2022 and the module will be handed over within three months.
All payments shall be made through online payment to SIDCO.

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